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I want to TEACH Law of Attraction

Imagine an audience that just GETS you.

Imagine engaging 100% of the people you work with? 

…Feels pretty great doesn’t it?


Certified Law of Attraction Facilitators System


Whether it’s students, clients or customers you’re sharing a message with… when you use the right kind of communication… in the right way… you hold the power of being understood, inspiring action and creating positive change.




ü  Communicate in a way that is easily understood

ü  Fully engage the learning style of every student

ü  Inspire a feeling of trust and loyalty in your audiences


You’ll EASILY ENGAGE your listeners and MAKE SALES


…Whether it’s products or ideas you’re sharing, taking the time to make sure you’re getting your message across effectively is the most valuable work you should be doing.

As you may know, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most powerful technique to transform your communication skills… to achieve better results… more easily than ever before!

Hi, my name is Michael Losier and I’ve helped hundreds of people all over the world become certified in some of the most powerful communication tools and techniques available.

Since my bestselling book, Law of Attraction, sold over 2 million copies in 37 countries, I’ve trained 2000 coaches, trainers and facilitators in the art of engaging people through an in depth understanding of learning styles.


Now, I’m excited to announce the launch of my new

Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator System

After the success of my bestselling books The Law of Attraction and The Law of Connection, I began to receive requests from the many people who came to attend my seminars who wanted to learn how to use the Law of Attraction in exactly the same way I teach it to SUPER-CHARGE their own programs and presentations.


So I decided to create a program that teaches the Law of Attraction process using my combination of Accelerated Learning Techniques and NLP… to get 100% participation from your audience.

In the program, you’ll learn:

…a simple system to use the Law of Attraction

…that’s easy to implement on audiences of any size

…that will get all of your audience members participating

… because you’ll be confidently engaging every type of learning style!


And the best news…


I’ve designed this new system to make sure you’ll come out of it being able to confidently implement all the new skills and tools you’ll learn.


The Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator System is jam packed with everything you could possibly need to master the skills that will ENGAGE and MAKE SALES every time.


ü  20 hours of recorded video training and insights

ü  Instant access to our online Google+ LOA community with a support network of likeminded individuals taking this journey alongside you

ü  Immediate access to my NLP assessment tool before the program begins

ü  2 packages of downloadable worksheets – one set for your facilitator training + one for your public seminars

ü  A checklist to keep track of all this valuable content

ü  The opportunity to join Friday's  “Hangout With Michael Panel”


And as if that wasn’t enough…. I’ll also be giving you access to:


ü  Four hours of training on NLP and Accelerated Learning Techniques taken directly from my book The Law of Connection.

ü  A huge extra-value added pack of training materials

ü  5-hours of teleconference leader training

BONUS -  5-Part TeleLeader Training Audios