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Connect and Understand Better Using NLP

This Law of Connection Series Will Show You How!

Curious about why you connect well with some people, and not so well with others?
Are you having communication challenges and don’t know how to improve your communication?
-You've come to the right place. Michael’s second book, Law of Connection, explains the 4 communication styles, how to detect them and how to communicate and stay in rapport with each style.

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Law of Connection Table of Contents

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Part I.  The 3 Conditions for Connecting

  • Rapport—Condition 1
  • Calibrating—Condition 2
  • Understanding Communication Styles—Condition 3

Part II.  NLP Communication Style Self-Assessment

  • The Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Your Self-Assessment Summary Worksheet
  • Your Communication Processing Style Score Sheet
  • Understanding Your Score Results
  • Understanding Your Relationships with Others
  • Once You Know Your Scores, Then What?

Part III.  The 4 NLP Communication Styles

  • Why Recognizing Your Own and Other People's Communication Styles Matters
  • The Visual Communicator
  • The Auditory Communicator
  • The Kinesthetic Communicator
  • The Digital Communicator
  • Part IV.  Calibrating Your Conversations
  • Calibrate in Order to Connect
  • Visual Vicky Wants to Make a Sale
  • Auditory Allan Breaks Rapport with His Girlfriend
  • Kinesthetic Kelly Connects with a Co-Worker
  • Digital Dan Helps His Child with Her Homework

Part V.  The 4 Easy Methods You Can Use to Make Better Connections

  • Reframing, Future Pacing, Installing, and Positive Presupposition
  • Reframing
  • Future Pacing
  • Installing
  • Positive Presupposition

Part VI.  Making Connections in Every Aspect of Your Life

  • Creating Positive Connections
  • Spouses and Partners
  • Parents and Children
  • Coaches, Counselors and Their Clients
  • Teachers and Their Students
  • Supervisors and Staff
  • Salespeople and Customers
  • Website Owners and Their Visitors

Part VII.  10 Special Techniques Teachers and Trainers Can Use to Connect and Accelerate Learning

  • The Techniques and What They Do
  • Asking Enrolling Questions
  • Getting Quick Answers Out Loud
  • Insisting on an Answer
  • "Repeat After Me..."
  • Getting Students to Fill In the Blanks
  • "This Is Important—Write It Down"
  • Changing the Energy in the Room
  • Sharing with a Neighbor
  • Sharing in Small Groups
  • Group Recap
  • Applying This Book to Your Life

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